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You can positively affect our work, and we need your support! MCEDSV assists communities throughout Michigan in strengthening their prevention and social change efforts. Please review the linked page, highlighting a few of our stories. These stories are a direct result of the leadership MCEDSV provides designing strategic prevention initiatives, tools, and alliances for preventing domestic and sexual violence.


We have trained more than 1,500 prevention educators and practitioners. We offer mentoring, grant funds and access to state of the art prevention resources. Our efforts have increased the skills and capacities of our member programs, their communities and individuals to work across multiple disciplines and in partnership with one another to implement effective prevention programs. Our staff is working hard to support prevention educators' work in their communities and neighborhoods as educators start conversations and engage men and boys in actions to prevent domestic, sexual and youth violence.


Think of the possibility! A future where children value one another, respect differences and learn that compassion, kindness and love are the basic building blocks of healthy relationships and peaceful communities. With this vision of social change, the less we have to fear that our daughters and sons will be unsafe, neglected, bullied to desperation and unable to realize their own potential. Family, community, society and your involvement are powerful pieces to develop Michigan's children and ensuring a bright safe future.


Will you join our campaign today? Will you help end violence against women and girls? Follow this link to join our allies and advocates and help our mission to end domestic and sexual violence in Michigan.

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