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This section of the website has been created for faith leaders and those within faith communities who have an interest in ending domestic and sexual violence and in responding with knowledge and compassion to survivors.


Websites for Faith Communities is a link to informational websites that address involvement of the faith community concerning the issue of domestic and sexual violence. 


How to use this website and these resources:


Browse, read and learn to become familiar with the issue. This is not an exhaustive link, but hopefully there will be resources here that will help you build knowledge and give you ideas for how your faith community may want to respond.


Gather others from your faith community to form a committee that can learn and grow together to act as a resource and a catalyst for change efforts within your community of faith.

The Michigan Resource Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence is a library of resources that can be checked out free of charge and can also be shipped anywhere in the state. The Resource Center library owns many faith based resources including books, videos and training materials. To find out more about the Resource Center materials, call (517) 381-4663 or visit the Resource Center's website at


Definition of the Problem:


Domestic violence can be defined as a pattern of coercive behaviors used to establish control over an intimate partner through fear, intimidation, emotional abuse, and social isolation, often including the use of or threat of physical or sexual violence. Sexual violence is a broad term that can be applied to physical, emotional or verbal behavior. It can include sexual harassment, incest, and sexual exploitation, as well as rape or sexual assault. There is much overlap in domestic and sexual violence; domestic violence presupposes a current or previous ongoing dating or marital relationship.


Why involve the faith community?


It is our belief that the involvement of the faith community is critical in efforts to respond to the problem of domestic and sexual violence and is often a missing piece in coordinated community efforts. For a discussion of some reasons why, please read:





Many of these resources are from a day-long training at MCEDSV which was facilitated by Transforming Communities Technical Assistance, Training and Resource Center. The event was attended by service providers and advocates working in team partnerships with faith leaders from various locations throughout Michigan. Contact MCEDSV to find out more about membership options and future training opportunities.





The resources on this website are not exhaustive. There is a great need for representation from all faith communities and a need for all faith communities to be involved in these efforts. Input to make the link more balanced and inclusive of different faith communities is very welcome.

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