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MCEDSV Philosophy Statement


Ending domestic and sexual violence against all survivors requires social change that promotes equality through individual, institutional and cultural changes. To this end the MCEDSV will:

  • Provide statewide leadership on public policy issues affecting survivors and the programs that serve them
  • Promote comprehensive, community based social change efforts to end domestic and sexual violence and build peaceful communities
  • Promote the availability and accessibility of high-quality, culturally relevant, domestic and sexual violence services and prevention programs
  • Build capacity for community-specific solutions to ending domestic and sexual violence
  • Strengthen service provider programs
  • Be accountable to survivors
  • Encourage leadership of women


MCEDSV believes that ending domestic and sexual violence requires social change to end sexism, and includes social change to end all forms of oppression. We recognize that oppression based on race, age, sexual orientation, income and physical ability promote and reinforce the belief that it is legitimate for one group of people in our culture to dominate another group.


MCEDSV Commitment to Diversity and Traditionally Marginalized Communities


MCEDSV understands the importance of supporting leadership in diverse communities as a key element of the agency mission, philosophy, goals and strategic plan. All of MCEDSV programming and advocacy work is guided by this commitment. MCEDSV recognizes that multiple barriers exist that deny or limit access to quality domestic and sexual violence advocacy and services, especially for survivors from traditionally marginalized populations. Survivors of domestic and sexual violence, especially from communities of color, too often face profound challenges in seeking the quality and culturally competent advocacy, services and resources they need to be safe. MCEDSV is proud of its demonstrated track record promoting and nurturing leadership in linguistically, culturally, and community-relevant outreach and prevention services. Above all, MCEDSV promotes and supports indigenous leadership in communities of underrepresented groups, as they develop their own solutions to domestic and sexual violence.


MCEDSV has a profound understanding of the importance of engaging the community as the cornerstone to successfully building spaces where women are free from the threat of domestic and sexual violence. Further, MCEDSV understands the importance of supporting leadership in diverse communities as a key element of the agency mission, philosophy, goals and strategic plan. MCEDSV has been providing technical assistance for local collaborative efforts in culturally specific communities for many years. MCEDSV has worked throughout its history to build bridges of trust between the Coalition and communities of color, tribal entities, traditionally marginalized groups such as the deaf, disabled and LBGTIQ communities. Over the years, MCEDSV has refined its skills and capacity to support leaders of underrepresented groups who are defining the issue within their community and its impact in their community.

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